Game of Thrones is one of the greatest ever running show on TV. When will Game of Thrones end? A famous question following the series right from the start just reached its peak at the end of season 6. As per the latest updates, the series will end at season 8. HBO has renewed the contract for the next two seasons for a gigantic amount. Unlike the previous seasons, season 7 consists of only seven episodes and it may release in the summer of May 2017 (Because winter is here).

Season 6 broke all previous viewership records for the show by accumulating an average of 23.3 million viewers from multiple platforms. Season 6 finale itself bagged over 8.9 million viewers on the same day of its release, and they changed the entire plot base of the story by killing show’s most important characters and surprisingly offered a new queen for Westeros (One just started sailing).

“Game of Thrones will have a bittersweet ending.”

George R. R. Martin

The author himself revealed something related to the show’s ending. Game of Throne’s end will be somewhat similar to Lord of the Rings, like a bittersweet ending. So start worrying, some of them may end up dead in coming seasons.

How Story Ended in Season 6?

Game of Thrones - How Story Ended in Season 6?

Season 6 was more like season 4, and things turn out to be even more faster than the previous season. Unlike other shows, the number of fans following the show is increasing season to season. We can confirm this by going through the viewership ratings; Season 5 got its maximum number of viewers in the finale, which is 8.1million while season 6 finale got around 8.9 million viewers as I mentioned above.

Some of the main cast say’s that “Dany setting her fleet sailing to Westeros is the beginning of the end of the show.”

Season 6 started with Red Women’s little surprise; Lady Melisandre is an old woman who takes advantage of her magic tricks (or power of lord of the light) to keep her body young and beautiful for others’ eyes. Most of them thought the magic happens when she took off her Necklace but actually in season 3, she showed up in a bathtub scene without that Necklace when Selyse Baratheon came to her private quarters to see her. I think it’s the power of magic that keeps her young, not that damn Necklace!

Next episode ended with a sweet payback (for the fans). I’m sure you enjoyed Roose Bolton’s death scene like more than anything good ever happened in Game of Thrones before with a little smile and remembered that disturbing scene of Red wedding. Yeah! It’s a sweet revenge in the name of the whole Stark family. They avenge the Red Wedding. Ramsey Bolton drove a knife to his own father Roose Bolton, and this event happened when Grand Maester of Winterfell came to that very room and told about Roose Bolton’s newborn son. Ramsey understood the consequences of that birth and of course he knows his father better than anyone; Roose Bolton would try to eliminate Ramsey if it needs to be. So he sends him to the hell.

Fans enjoyed the return of one of their favorite character Jon Snow; Jon Snow came back from death with the help of Red women’s black magic. Jon meets his sister Sansa in the Night’s watch; she suggests the idea of taking back Winterfell from the Boltons by the support of Wildlings. They asked help from different families in North, but most of them refused to send their men to fight against the Boltons.

Danaerys took the whole Dothraki horde

Danaerys took the whole Dothraki horde by burning their Khal and flew back to Meereen on back of her dragon. The situation in Meereen was a bit awkward. Masters came back to retake their slave city. Danaerys attacked the slave ships with her three dragons, and her army surrendered without even trying to defend. They jumped off their ships!

Dany made Lord Tyrion as her new hand of the queen as in the past; Tywin was the Hand of the King for the Mad King Aerys Targaryen (Dany’s father). She left Daario Naharis in Meereen for keeping peace in Meereen, but the actual reason why she left him there was for helping Yara and Theon to take back the Iron Islands by using the army of second sons.

The situation in Westeros changed the show’s entire political scenario in just one episode. Cersei initiated the plan to eliminate all the faith militant’s army, high sparrow and members of Tyrell family by using Wildfire. The old Mad King kept caches of wildfire across the city under all main landscapes. It endured as a rumor for a long time until Qyburn’s little birds told him otherwise. He seized the opportunity to help her queen to avoid the trial all along and killed all of her enemies at once. The plan was operated and executed by Qyburn using his little birds. Tommen threw himself to death from the high tower of Kings landing after hearing news about his wife’s death; Jaime returned to Kings Landing.

Lady Olenna is planning on taking revenge against the Lannisters

In Dorn, Lady Olenna is planning on taking revenge against the Lannisters. Game of Thrones finally confirms the big theory of R+L=J, Bran follows Ned in the old tower of joy sequence and saw his Aunt Lyanna and little Jon. She whispered to Ned, making him understand the consequences when Robert Baratheon knew about the newborn child (Jon). Robert hates Targaryen’s– he even hates children. He said it by himself once in the show like “I’ll kill every Targaryen.” That says it all. Cersei named as the first queen of seven kingdoms with Qyburn as her new hand of the queen. Jaime stares at her, and he knows she lost her last hope (Tommen Baratheon)– the only thing keep her sane. Danaerys start sailing to Kings Landing with the whole Dothraki Horde, the Unsullied Army, and the 3 Dragons. Who knows what’s awaiting us in the Next season?

“We know, no king but the king in the north whose name is stark.”
– Lyanna Mormont

Now it’s time to bow before the new king in the North-Jon Snow (Oh God keep him alive).

“The true enemy won’t wait out for the storm; he brings the storm.”
– Jon Snow

Game of Thrones - How Story Ended in Season 6

Winter has come, sooner or later Nights king will march his army to the north of the wall or Winterfell. He has supernatural powers and a vast army of the dead man.

N.B.: Welcome back Sandor Clegane (the Hound) and Benjen Stark to Game of Thrones!


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