Electrical Storm - Photo of the Week

Lorenzo Montezemolo’s “Electrical Storm” made this week’s Photo of The Week. This spectacular photograph is taken from woodside, California.

Few Words from the Photographer

We almost never get lightning storms around here. The climatological conditions just don’t come together the way they need to in order to form a powerful electrical storm. But every now and then – about every two years – a storm with thunder and lightning blows in from the Pacific and gives us a nice little show. This one happened last August and it was particularly great because the storm stayed right off shore, which allowed me to stay bone dry while photographing the unfolding drama.

Captured Device: Nikon D800

© Photograph by Lorenzo Montezemolo.

Note: NetMascots reserves all rights to the respective owner of the Photograph and reserves all rights provided by copyright law, such as the right to make copies, distribute work, perform work, license, or otherwise exploit the work; no rights are waived under this license.


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