Bangalore is one of the most visited tourist places in India, city stands at 3rd position in terms of population. Bangalore is a highly urbanised city with a cold climate, temperature may drop to 7 degree Celsius in early January and goes up to 39 degree Celsius in April. Being the capital city of state Karnataka(a south India state) it host many surprises for visitors, all major IT companies are stationed here to run their operations in India. Bangalore is more like a business hub rather than a tourist place, people often came to city for different purposes like jobs, education and tourism. City host some famous educational institutions like Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Science and more, so students moved in from other parts of the country especially from southern India.  Karnataka is a southern state in India, state has its own cultural diversity and Dravidian style. Kannada is the official language in the state but in Bangalore you can communicate with English, Hindi as a common language.

Important Places to Visit in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city with full of travel surprises, we can see travelers everywhere both domestic & international. Bangalore is the most expensive city in India to live with, an average daily expense in Bangalore is higher than any other city in India. Traffic and air pollution are the two core problems you face in the city.

Bangalore consists of many tourist spots including parks, historical buildings, museums, botanical garden, art galleries and sanctuaries.

  • Lal Bagh
  • Wonderla
  • Ulsoor
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Freedom Park Bangalore

Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh, Bangalore

Lal Bagh is a botanical garden situated in Bangalore city, a historical establishment created by Tipu Sulthan while he was ruling Mysore. Garden hosts life for a number of plants and rare species of birds. Botanical garden is a famous domestic tourist destination in south India, it is the most favoured destination for planning school vacation trips. Lal Bagh have a good collection of imported plants from different foreign countries during the Mughal rule of Tipu Sulthan. This garden was commissioned during 18th century under the rule of Hyder Ali, Hyder Ali was the ruler of old Mysore at the time but the entire design was implemented and finished by Tipu Sulthan, and later the British take over the ruling of Mysore from Mughals.

Lal Bagh Hosts Some Spectacular Views

  • Botanical Garden Glass House
  • Lal Bagh Lake
  • Annual Flower Show
  • Japanese Monument
  • Rare Species of Trees and Plants


Ulsoor, Bangalore

Ulsoor is a temple city in Bangalore located near to Mahatma Gandhi road Bangalore. Ulsoor is founded in 16th century by the royal family of Bangalore, later modifications were made by the British government in 19th century. Foreigners often choose this place to study about the ancient culture and life in southern India. Temples in Ulsoor built in early centuries even before the very place was founded, the oldest one is 800 years ago. Ulsoor has a lake, often known as Ulsoor Lake. It has extended over 123 acres of land. Lake was built in earlier centuries for the welfare of people in old Mysore. You can reach Ulsoor by means of bus or metro rail, which is passing nearby Ulsoor.


Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Wonderla is an amusement park situated in Bangalore owned by Kochouseph Chittilappilly. Wonderla was first started its operations in Kochi in 2000, after five years they opened a new amusement park in Bangalore under the name Wonderla. Previous name of Wonderla was Veegaland later it changed to Wonderla. This park is not located exactly in the city centre, its 17 kilometres out from Bangalore city. Wonderla is one of the top brand in amusement parks, Wonderla is an often name in school vacation trips. Park is very much eco-friendly, about 2000 trees were planted to become more nature friendly. Recently Wonderla has started its operations in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh with variety of new rides. Wonderla is ranking number one in India under this category and 7th in Asia.

Attractions of Wonderla

  • XD MAX
  • Cinemagic 3D
  • Musical Fountain and Laser Show
  • Hang Glider
  • Wonder Splash
  • Sky Wheel

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is located in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore. Palace was constructed and completed in 82 years from 1862-1944 under the governance of Rev. J Garrett. The Bangalore palace is an often site for conducting events like cultural shows, personal events and government related programs. The Bangalore Palace is standing in 454 acres of land with its all attributes. Palace was managing by the Mysore royal family, local people are allowed inside by a ticket issued by management, a wide range of ticket rates are available for entering the venue. Palace is a real piece of historical artworks, the interior design works is full of paintings, ornaments and wooden artworks. You can reach the palace by means of bus right from the city. Foreigners are visiting palace often, Bangalore Palace is included as a main travel destination by major travel agents both domestic and International.

Entry Fees to Bangalore Palace

  • For Indians- Rs.210
  • For Foreigners- Rs.450

Freedom Park Bangalore

Freedom Park Bangalore

Freedom Park in Bangalore was an early jail renovated and restructured as a beautiful park, it was inaugurated by Shri.L.K.Advani in 2008. This park was used to be a jail during the period of emergency in 1977. Freedom Park often used for conducting protests, programs and cultural events. British government established a central jail in this very place on 1866, it was built for occupying Indian freedom fighters of that era. Park is located right in the centre of Bangalore, you can easily reach Freedom Park from city centre by means of bus.

Main Attractions of Freedom Park

  • Children’s Play Area
  • Sculpture Court
  • People Courtyard
  • Water Fountain
  • Jail Museum

Tips for Foreigners

  • Foreigners who are visiting Bangalore should reach the city via flights from different parts of the World.
  • Be always careful with your emigration documents, local streets are not so safe.
  • Change your foreign currency to Rupee from the airport itself. You can always find better dealers outside airport, currency exchange in Bangalore is easy and you can do it with better rates.



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