Russia, the largest country in the world, is also known as the Russian Federation. Moscow is the capital city of Russia where the president’s official residence Kremlin is situated.  Travelers visit Moscow Kremlin for its international importance. Russia hosts a large number of travel locations more than any country in the world because of the vast geographical infrastructure of the country.

The country stands at the 9th position according to the population; it is estimated to have 146.6 million people. Russia has a high infrastructure economy as all other developed nations with an abundance of natural resources like natural gas, oil, and petroleum.

Your Russian tour will eventually turn out to be a memorable trip of your life. Before planning a trip, be aware of the best places to visit in Russia. There is a handful of amazing travel destinations in Russia which you might find attractive. In this article, I will help you to know about the best travel locations to visit in Russia with family.


Moscow is one of the finest cities in the World by its cultural and historical importance on the European mainland. Moscow is the most populated city in the country with a lot of massive Soviet-style buildings, cathedrals, museums and government offices. Moscow is renowned as the ninth most expensive city in the world with high living standards purely based on European lifestyle and architecture.

We can see the richness in Moscow’s infrastructure, which consists of 4 international airports, several railway terminals, Metro and a Monorail system. City Metro is one of the biggest metro stations in European mainland with the number of regular passengers and the number of stations it consists.

In Moscow, you can visit Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russian Historical Museum, Moscow Kremlin, Red Square and Mausoleum. The city of Moscow has not changed much from the 19th century; new buildings replaced the old ones in a typical Russian fashion.  Saint Basil’s Cathedral is a famous tourist spot in Moscow; this place is noted as one of the most crowded urban areas of the city.

Saint Basils Cathedral is unique by its ancient architectural style. Moscow city hosts a great number of parks, botanical gardens, and streets; Tverskaya Street is especially for spending nightlife. Moscow is a must visited place in Russia, so add Moscow to your travel bucket list.

9Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia followed by the capital city  Moscow. Saint Petersburg is a port city in Russia founded by Tsar Peter the Great. Saint Petersburg is a European city rather than a Russian. People of St. Petersburg follows modern European lifestyle and culture.

St. Petersburg city used to be  called as Leningrad and later changed its name to Stalingrad shortly after World War II. St. Petersburg is the city of museums, around 200 museums are located in St. Petersburg and opened for both foreign and domestic tourists. Hermitage is the largest museum in the city, which hosts a rich culture of historical art and is also a famous tourist destination.

Saint Petersburg city hosts many museums, palaces, parks and historical artifacts which will help researchers to study  Russian history of architecture.  Monument of Peter the great is a must visit place in the city with a fence made up of Champaign bottles.

Newly wed couples visit this monument to provide more Champaign bottles to strengthen the fence. Every traveler must find time  to visit the raising bridge, back streets, and markets. St. Petersburg went through a military siege by Germany during World War II, most terrible days in city’s history. Germany holds the siege for 872 days until the red army took the city back from Germany.

8Kizhi Island

Kizhi Island is situated in Karelia; this island was an old settlement from the 15th century. Museum  opened in 1951 and became fully functional during 1960’s. UNESCO has listed Kizhi Island as a World Heritage site. Travelers should never miss this beautiful open air museum at any cost.

Kizhi Island showcases a variety of wooden structures like farms, houses, barns and mills, so UNESCO included this geological landscape in the World Heritage Site List in 1990. Island has a historical collection of churches built during 15-19th centuries. Church of Our Saviour, an Ancient wooden church built in early centuries, was moved to Kizhi Island. It has 22 domes on its wooden structures. This is a must visit travel site in Russia.

7Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans-Siberian railway line is a connecting chain between eastern Russia and Moscow. In this Journey, the train is passing through 100 cities and literally traveling nearby two international borders of China and North Korea at some point. Railway line construction procedures had started at the year of 1891, and it took nearly 25 years to complete the dream project.

Railway line has a length of 9289 km, the journey begins at Vladivostok station and ends in Moscow the capital city. Trans-Siberian Railway route will present you some travel spectacles like Lake Baikal, Volga River, Yenisei River, Amur River and Several mountains regions. This Railway line become world popular after its construction. it brought travelers from far sides of the World to Moscow to witness this historical railway wonder.

Trans-Siberian railway line is one of the best places to visit in Russia. I suggest it would be a modest decision to add Trans-Siberian railway journey on your travel bucket list. Trans-Siberian railway witnessed several wars including World War II; it helped  Jews and War refugees a great deal for to escape from Nazi Germany. Trans-Siberian railway line is not only a medium of transportation, it’s also a symbol of pride for Russia.


Novgorod is another Russian city listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1992.  UNESCO accredited Novgorod because of its historical importance in Russian culture. Novgorod keeps great surprises for travelers. Its city consists of Cathedrals, churches, Towers, museums, and monasteries from earlier centuries.

Novgorod is a symbol of Orthodox Christianity in Russia; they built these architectural wonders to enrich their belief in God. Novgorod is 531 km away from Moscow; you get direct trains to Novgorod from Moscow. Travelers can visit St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Nicolas Cathedral, Novgorod Kremlin, Millennium of Russia, St. Sofiysky, among many others.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral is second of the oldest landmarks in the city followed by Saint Sophia Cathedral; it was built in the year of 1113. Unlike other Cathedrals, Saint Nicholas Cathedral has only one dome on top.

Researchers, students, travelers and explorers often visit Novgorod for enlightening the historical knowledge about old Christian culture in Russia. If you are looking for an adventurous historic trip to Russia, I recommend Novgorod to you because of its discreet culture and historical importance in Russian mainland.

This city faced some major setbacks during World War II; German soldiers bombed some of the famous landmarks in the Novgorod such as churches, monasteries, and high towers.

5Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is the biggest and oldest freshwater resource on the planet, located in East-Siberia. Lake Baikal occupies 20% of Planet’s unfrozen fresh water supply. Lake Baikal is often a research subject in Russia– the government itself doing plenty of ongoing studies based on its ecosystem and depth.

Lake Baikal was  polluted hugely during the last century because of high industrialization in the city parts, and the government made valiant efforts to recover this ancient body from extinction, keeping its natural form by closing down the nearby industrial establishments in 2008. Lake Baikal is one of the most famous Tourist destinations in Russia, so government announced this region as an exclusive economic zone.

Tourism and natural resources in the region opens a new window of possibility in creating jobs and earning foreign money which ultimately results in a sustainable development of the area.

Trans-Siberian railway line is passing nearby Lake Baikal at some distance. Imagine that beautiful view of Lake Baikal through a train window glass, which would be a memorable moment for your life. Tourists can reach Lake Baikal from Moscow utilizing Trans-Siberian Railway.

UNESCO announced Lake Baikal as a World Heritage site in 1996. Lake Baikal is one of the best places to visit in Russia during winter because a significant share of lake’s water will transform into ice, this condition would be appropriate for ice related games like skating and skiing.

Lake Baikal is 636-kilometers wide, and during winter season thick ice covers 400 kilometers of the lake’s surface. Tourism plays an influential role in this region’s economy, so international travel companies present Lake Baikal as the main attraction in their international holiday tour packages.


Samara is a Russian city situated at the European side of the country. Samara holds several national records based on its population and size, and the city has been listed as the 6th largest city in Russia. Samara is often classified as a cold city, an average temperature of 15 degrees is recorded during the summer season, and it will eventually come down to -13 degrees during the winter season.

Volga River is passing through city’s western border, acts as a natural border for Samara at the western side. Samara is an old city founded in the year of 1586. Initially, it was known as Kuybyshev city and later changed to Samara.

Samara played a  significant role during the World War II. Soviet Russia planned to choose Samara as their second capital if Moscow falls, all government offices and officials were transferred from Moscow to Samara in 1941 because of the German invasion and moved back to Moscow at 1943 after everything was secured.

In winter, all water bodies got covered by thick Ice layer. This would be an appropriate condition to conduct ice games such as ice skating and skiing. Thousands of travelers were visiting Samara during this season to participate ice game events co-ordinated by tour agencies.

At summer, travelers can use Volga River cruise trips to travel across the river. Samara has few tourist attractions like Museums, old monuments, and historical sites. I would say Samara is a well-known travel destination in the European side of Russia. A good travel experience will always be a good memory, so add Samara on your travel wish list.


Yekaterinburg is one of the biggest cities in Russia after Moscow, Novosibirsk, and St. Petersburg. This city holds several travel surprises for tourists, mainly churches, historical monuments, artifacts, skyscrapers, museums, and ballet theater. Rather than a tourist destination, Yekaterinburg is a business hub of metal industries in Russia.

Yekaterinburg plays a major role in Russia’s economy by providing a fair share to country’s annual income. The city is geographically placed at the boundary of Asia and Europe in the center of Eurasian Mainland.

Church on the Blood is the key attraction of the city, it is a modern church constructed in 2003, and the famous Russian Emperor Tsar Nicholas II and his family were perished in this very place in 1918 by Bolsheviks. Tourists are visiting Church on the Blood to witness the remains of this Old Russian dynasty.

Yekaterinburg Zoo has started its proceedings in 1930’s, still opened for both domestic and international travelers as a relaxation spot. It is one of the oldest Zoo in Russia with an excess of 380 species of animals in its collection. Another travel wonder is Vysotsky skyscraper; it is the tallest building in town.

52nd floor of this building is designed as an observational deck, so you get a 360-degree view of Yekaterinburg city and adjacent towns from this well-designed structure. You can reach Yekaterinburg by road, railway and air from Moscow, Trans-Siberian Railway is passing through this city all the way from Moscow to Siberia.

Yekaterinburg will never let you down as a tourist place, and the city is well organized and developed for receiving travelers on a large scale from around the globe.


Khabarovsk is a border city of Russia; it took only 20 km of travel from city center to reach the nearest Chinese border of Russia. Khabarovsk city lies very close to river Amur, and it is also the  biggest city of Russia.

Traveling through the city with a gentle breeze on your face must be a unique experience in life. Khabarovsk is a city with many travel wonders like churches, historical buildings, zoo, high towers, Amur River cruise and Lenin square. Transfiguration Cathedral is the third tallest Cathedral building and a major tourist attraction in Russia, It has an estimated height of 96 meters.

You can even see the Chinese territory from high places of Khabarovsk. Museums in the city were built during the 19th century and also maintained in good shape for the future generations to study about city’s history.

Unlike other Russian cities Khabarovsk had faced a great danger from Japan rather than Germany during World War II, many Japan POW’s were arrested and faced trials in Khabarovsk.

Khabarovsk is 2350 kilometers away from Moscow, and Trans-Siberian Railway acts as a connecting link between these two Russian cities. You can reach Khabarovsk through rail, road, and air from Moscow.

Amur River cruise is an excellent tourist attraction arranged for travelers to watch Khabarovsk city in a different angle.  I should vote for Khabarovsk as a well-crafted travel destination to spend your holidays.

1Solovetsky Islands

Solovestsky is a group of islands comprising six different small islands in the White Sea with an average size of 300 km. UNESCO declared Solovetsky Islands as a World Heritage site in 1992 because of its cultural and historical importance in Russian pre-history.

Solovetsky Islands witnessed many deaths in its early age, the island served as a Soviet prison camp during 1920’s for exterminating prisoners. Millions of people had been brutally assassinated in Solovetsky islands on that period.

Today, Solovetsky islands have been fully developed as a tourist destination with Churches, Museums, and Monasteries. One of the key attractions in Solovetsky Islands is Solovetsky Kremlin. Researchers are still curious about the history of this very building. Solovetsky canal in islands was a great water path for transportation in the 16th century.

The canal was built as a source of drinking water to inhabitants of the islands. Solovetsky is a least populated place in Russia, and only 861 people are living on this island as per 2010 census.

If you are little curious in researching old stories, then this is the perfect place to familiarize the history of Russia during 1920’s. Russians used Solovestsky Islands as a naval base during World War II.

The famous Soviet prison camp was closed in the year of 1939, the same year World War II had started. I would recommend this place to enjoy your holidays, a walk through the history of Russia.


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